SpeedyBackup Offers Automatic, Easy Online Backups

SpeedyBackup, the latest offering from the developers of SpeedyPC Pro, gives home computer users an easy way to safeguard their digital files. With hands-free live backups, all PC files are instantly protected.

Victoria, BC – October 17, 2012 — Protecting and backing up PC files just got a lot easier. SpeedyPC Software launched SpeedyBackup, their answer to crashes, corruption, hacks, and the myriad problems that lead to lost files. Delivering the easy-to-use interface that they are known for, the developers behind SpeedyPC Pro created SpeedyBackup as an instantly accessible solution for users of all skill types.

"SpeedyBackup is created as a 'set it and forget it' application," said Gary Theobald, Senior Director of Business Operations at ParetoLogic, the developers of SpeedyBackup and SpeedyPC products.  "Once the user has registered and installed the service, the rest is handled live and automatically, without any work on the users' part. If the user ever needs to recover a backup, they can do so in just a few clicks."

Thanks to the user-friendly design, SpeedyBackup should prove a popular choice among users, particularly with novice users. The application is optimized for use on Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. SpeedyBackup also offers unlimited storage, providing as much room as necessary for each user's important files.

Online file storage, commonly known as backing up files to 'the cloud,' has grown increasingly popular in recent years. Although hardware and operating systems continue to improve, there always remains the possibility of file loss through internal and external means. Internally, crashes, hacks, accidental deletions, or hard drive failures can often lead to missing documents. Externally, floods, fire, theft, power surges, and other issues are common causes. Although a number of backup methods exist, these often come with their own drawbacks.

"Backing up to an external hard drive provides little protection when it comes to natural disasters, theft, or hardware failures – online storage is the safest method," explained Theobald.  "However, the average PC user is understandably not very eager to deal with the time-consuming and complex steps to store files online. That's why SpeedyBackup provides automatic, hands-free backup. It couldn't be any easier."

A free trial of SpeedyBackup is currently available at Speedybackup.com.


About SpeedyPC

SpeedyPC Software develops easy-to-use software for the home PC user. Focusing on user-friendliness rather than complicated options, SpeedyPC Software is ideal for novice and non-technical computer users. Although SpeedyPC Software is easy to use, behind the scenes it packs a punch, delivering state-of-the-art technology in each new launch, and continual updates to keep each product at the cutting edge.

With its seamless combination of easy operation and advanced technology, SpeedyPC Software has the power that PC users need, without the headache.

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