Safeguarding multiple online passwords is easier than ever with the completely free SpeedyPassword.

SpeedyPassword’s latest release simplifies password management, all while providing military-grade protection for online passwords.

Since its release in early 2014, SpeedyPassword has helped thousands of people improve the security of their computer and online accounts by generating, encrypting and storing passwords for free. The new features released in the latest version allow users to customize SpeedyPassword’s user interface to better suit their individual needs, while maintaining the highest level of security. 

“Now is the time to be proactive about password security. According to a study by the communications regulator Ofcom, 55% of internet users use the same password for most, if not all accounts,” said Gary Theobald, Vice President of Business Operations at SpeedyPassword. “If one of these accounts were to be hacked, it leaves all of them vulnerable.  The new version of SpeedyPassword not only protects users’ accounts, it provides them with a convenient hub to access all of their accounts in one place.”

SpeedyPassword is now able to import passwords from other password managers, as well as from CSV files stored on the computer, saving the time and hassle of manually adding a dozen or more accounts. Another new feature is Time Saved Rewards.  This shows users how much time they save using the Auto-Login process to access their accounts, compared to entering login details manually.

The SpeedyPassword Homepage makes it easy for users to access all of their favorite websites and online accounts in one secure place. It includes four new areas: Favorites, Social, Feeds, and Passwords. Favorites provides quick links to frequently visited websites; Social allows users to conveniently receive notifications from social networks on a single page; Feeds gives users the opportunity to receive news feeds from various websites in one place; Passwords links to all of the websites that SpeedyPassword remembers the passwords for. 

“SpeedyPassword is completely free. It’s quick to set up, and easy to use,” explained Theobald. “We want to make sure that people are able to protect their confidential information in a way that is convenient and uncomplicated.”

Download SpeedyPassword for free by visiting for more information.

About SpeedyPC

SpeedyPassword was developed as a user-friendly option for online password storage and protection. The SpeedyPassword team is focused on making high-quality password protection software, while providing users of all abilities with an easy-to-use, cutting edge password manager.  SpeedyPassword seamlessly combines convenience, easy operation and advanced security.

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