SpeedyPassword: The free, easy-to-use password manager and generator

SpeedyPassword, new software from the makers of SpeedyPC Pro and SpeedyBackup, provides premium password management and password generation to protect user’s Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and other online accounts.

SpeedyPassword Free Password Manager and GeneratorSpeedyPassword provides computer users of all experience levels a free, fast and easy way to manage and generate passwords.

SpeedyPassword thwarts hackers, keyloggers, and cybercriminals by managing users’ passwords. This software, featuring an eye-catching interface, securely remembers passwords for Facebook, Twitter, online shopping, and other websites.

"We are excited to release software that not only secures online accounts, but also makes dealing with passwords a lot easier," said Gary Theobald, Director of Business Operations at SpeedyPC Software, "Over the past couple years, passwords have been stolen for Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Adobe accounts. This just shows the importance of securing your social networking and other accounts and having the ability to easily create and change strong, unique passwords."

SpeedyPassword is designed for all users. It is easy to setup, and after that, use takes just a couple clicks. It is optimized for use with all popular web browsers.

With SpeedyPassword, users only have to remember their Master Password. SpeedyPassword automatically logs users into their accounts. By not typing in passwords for each site, users avoid being victims of keyloggers and other spyware. In addition, SpeedyPassword remembers the passwords so users don’t have to. This makes it easier to use long and strong unique passwords for each social networking and online shopping account.

SpeedyPassword features an easy-to-use password generator. Users select the options and then SpeedyPassword creates unique passwords using upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols to those specifications. As well, the software offers helpful hints and tips for password security.

Throughout the development of SpeedyPassword, security was foremost in mind. This software uses advanced techniques to protect user’s passwords and data.

"Protection of our users’ data is very important to us," said Reid Garner, lead architect, "We have used the same standards – or greater – as the military, banks, and governments."

Any information sent to SpeedyPassword is done so using SSL, another layer of encryption. This is in addition to all data being encrypted using AES-256 encryption. AES is considered unbreakable with modern computing powers. SpeedyPassword uses a variety of other techniques, including a Recovery Image in the event the Master Password is forgotten, to protect users’ passwords and accounts.

"We believe that SpeedyPassword provides the perfect combination of high security and ease of use for password management," said Theobald.

Download SpeedyPassword for free or visit speedypassword.com for more information.

About SpeedyPC

SpeedyPC Software develops easy-to-use software for the home PC user. Focusing on user-friendliness rather than complicated options, SpeedyPC Software is ideal for novice and non-technical computer users. Although SpeedyPC Software is easy to use, behind the scenes it packs a punch, delivering state-of-the-art technology in each new launch, and continual updates to keep each product at the cutting edge.

With its seamless combination of easy operation and advanced technology, SpeedyPC Software has the power that PC users need, without the headache.

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