The Windows Error Codes and How to Fix Them

Here are some of the common error codes that you might be encountering while using Windows and its respective components. The solutions are also included for you to fix them. You should also keep in mind that some will need the help of a computer technician and you should not try doing them yourself because they could crucially damage your PC.

Connection Successful error message - it does not require any fix or repairs.

System cannot find specified file - you should reinstall DUN and NCP.

Access Denied

  1. Make sure you have typed in the correct username and password in the labeled field.
  2. Verify that the option accepts any verification and check to see if clear text is activated.

Invalid procedure call - network and dial-up components should be reinstalled.

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  1. Attempt to cold boot you computer system.
  2. If it does not work, the issue may come from your Swap file or the RAM.

System cannot find the specific device

  1. See to it that the correct modem has been chosen.
  2. Try to reinstall it if it is not responding.

No more connection is allowed

  1. Somebody else may have been connected using your account
  2. If you have been cloned on the server, your ISP can bump the clone off the application.

Invalid Proper value

  1. Automatic dial should be directed to the appropriate dialer.
  2. Reinstall the dialer again.

Operation is pending

  1. First, you must try to restart your PC.
  2. See to it that no other applications are making use of your modem.
  3. Press Control, Alt and Delete. If the RNAAPP loads, you must contact a technician to repair this issue.
  4. See to it that your computer is free from spyware.

Port handle is invalid:

  1. Choose the modem's COM port and below the diagnostic section, click on more info. You must restart your computer if you are receiving responses. However, delete the erroneous init string or type ATZ as the init.
  2. You can also install your modem again.
  3. Your dial-up networking must be reinstalled along with all its components.
  4. Your modem might be malfunctioning. You should contact your computer manufacturer.

Port is already open:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. See to it that no other application is making use of the modem.
  3. In the Network Control Panel, uninstall the AOL adapters and restart your computer and then reinstall.

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