How to Speed Up your Windows
Boot Time?

One of the questions that is frequently asked is how to speed up the time Windows takes to boot up or load. The best way to speed up boot time is to make adjustments to the System BIOS.

For the System BIOS Adjustments

One of the easiest ways to speed up the start up time in Windows is to make several easy and simple adjustments to the System BIOS. The System BIOS is a line of commands or directions that are built into the motherboard that enable the PC to identify what kind of hardware is attached and how to interact with that hardware. You will first have to acquire access to the setup screen to make any adjustments. Do not make adjustments to the system configurations in the BIOS because one wrong action can make the PC unbootable and cause more issues than its worth. Because of this, do not try making any adjustments to the system BIOS unless you are willing to take the risk that goes with it. With that stated, you will want to follow the instructions below and make some simple adjustments to speed up the startup procedure.

  1. You should begin with the computer entirely switched off, not in hibernation or sleep mode. Then switch the PC on.
  2. Launch the System BIOS screen by the recommendation of the manufacturers.
  3. The moment you are in the BIOS setup, look for a Startup menu and click on it with your keyboard arrow keys, Tab, and hit the enter key.
  4. In almost all of modern screens of the BIOS, you will see an option for Quick Boot. It must be enabled to skip memory tests and other little Power On Self Tests.
  5. Look for an option for "next," and switch the initial boot device to the hard drive. Adjusting this option will speed up the startup procedure, but it will also not enable the PC to start up from a floppy disk or CD-ROM. If starting up from anything other than the hard drive is relevant to you, do not proceed with this step.
  6. Select the option to Exit and Save Changes and the PC will restart.

There are other options in the BIOS to speed up the startup time like choosing the actual configuration for your hard drive, and disable the auto detect of other media and hard drive.

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