How to Speed Up Windows 7?

Windows 7 is designed for speed. Special attention has been paid by the Windows 7 group for making it a lot faster than the current operating systems. It is way faster than Windows Vista, but even then most of us are not pleased with it. There are a lot who still have their old computer. At least if we do not make it really fast we can boost Windows 7 to the maximum extent and enjoy the best possible performance we could squeeze out from it. So for all the additional performance lovers, let me show you this vital guide on how to speed up Windows 7.

Here are the requirements

Of course if you require the Aero experience you will have a powerful graphics card.

So let us begin The Ultimate Guide to Speed up Windows 7

  1. Speed Up the Windows 7 Boot Speed
    • Press [Win] + R or take the RUN option from the start menu.
    • Type in msconfig in there and hit the enter key to launch the System Configuration Window. Click on the "Boot" tab. A box called "Time out" will be displayed on the screen. This is the time when the system waits for the user to choose the operating system to boot up.
    • If you are using just one operating system you can safely configure the value to 0.
    • But if you have more operating systems that are installed then configure it to 3 or more.
    • Now after doing that click on the "Advanced Options" button. A window will then pop up on the screen.
    • Check the box stating "Number of Processors". Now click on the drop down box and choose the maximum quantity of processor cores, it might be 2 or more.
    • Click on "OK" and also check the next option too.
    • Click on "Apply" and then on click on "OK" and you are ready to go.

  2. You must disable the Aero theme on Windows 7
    • Right Click on your Desktop and click on "Personalize" and click on the Window Color Tab.
    • Remove the check mark from the box stating "Enable Transparency" and then click on "Open classic appearance properties for additional color options."
    • Then a window will be opened. Use a Standard or Basic theme from it. The standard Windows 7 theme is often favored.

    When the Aero theme is disabled Windows 7 will really speed the things up.

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