How to Speed Up Internet?

  1. The First Step
  2. Set your browser so it will not show other multimedia content, video, sound, animations and graphics.

  3. The Second Step
  4. Surf the net when the traffic on the Internet is low. The heavy traffic is generally during the evenings and the weekends.

  5. The Third Step
  6. Make use of your cache efficiently and resourcefully. The term cache pertains to the storage area where your recently browsed web sites are stored. You might be required to adjust the size of your cache allotment, or you might be required to wash out your cache occasionally. Serach through the menus of your internet browsers for items labeled as Internet Files, Cache and Temporary Internet files and a whole lot more.

  7. The Fourth Step
  8. You must upgrade your modem. Modems that have 56.6 kb per second are the fastest telephone modems that are present and available.

  9. The Fifth Step
  10. Check with you Internet service provider to be sure that your modem is set properly and appropriately.

  11. The Sixth Step
  12. Substitute your telephone modem with the fast-access connection like the satellite, DSL, ISDN Cable modem, wave, and a whole lot more.

Here are some other steps on speeding up the Internet connection

  1. Disable the Indexing Services
  2. Indexing Services is a tiny application that makes use of great quantities of RAM. Most of the time, it can make a PC noisy and loud. This system procedure updates and indexes lists of all the documents that are on your PC. It does this so that every time you do a search for something on your PC, it will locate it faster by navigating through the index lists. If you do not search your PC regularly, or even if you do search daily, this system service is entirely not necessary.

    Here are the steps on how to disable the Indexing Services:

    • Click on the Start menu
    • Click on "Settings"
    • Click on the "Control Panel"
    • Double-click on "Add/Remove Programs"
    • Click on the "Add/Remove Window Components"
    • Remove the check mark on the Indexing services
    • Click on "Next"

  3. Optimize the Display Configurations
  4. Windows XP may appear sexy but presenting all the visual items can ravage system resources.

    Here are the steps on optimizing the display configurations

    • Click on the Start menu
    • Click on "Settings"
    • Click on the "Control Panel"
    • Click on the "System"
    • Click on the "Advanced" tab
    • Under the Performance tab click on "Settings"
    • Check all of the items except for Use visual styles on windows and buttons, use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop, show translucent selection rectangle, show shadows under mouse pointer and show shadow under menus.

  5. Speed up the Folder Browsing
  6. Here are the steps on how to speed up the Folder Browsing

    • Launch My Computer
    • Click on the "Tools" menu
    • Click on the "Folder" Options
    • Click "View" tab
    • Remove the check from the Automatically search for network folders and printers box
    • Click on "Apply"
    • Click on "OK"
    • Restart your PC

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