What is Runtime Packed FSG?

The runtime packed FSG isn't hazardous in any shape, form or even manner at all. This is a "signature" and not a virus or even malware. It is a program that was designed to "pack" a certain program (e.g. .exe) into a lesser size. FSG is the abbreviation of Fast Small Good.

Why does runtime packed FSG show up in anti-virus software?

The reason behind this is because most malicious and cruel code writers frequently use it to:

  1. Pack their malware or their virus files that are executable
  2. Make it tougher for anti-virus software to unpack the file and then go look for malicious code

This was also used in some legitimate programs, but not that much anymore, because there were better and new available packers.

Because the runtime packed FSG is not considered a virus or a malware or anything terrible and bad in itself, you will not find much information about it. All of the AV software recognizes the fact that a certain "packer" program known as FSG was already used.

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