What are Runtime Errors?

A runtime error is one of the most common errors you might encounter on your Windows machine. These errors usually happen when a program is started and could possibly occur due to many reasons. The most common reason for these errors is because the computer has low storage space. However, software bugs are also a possible reason. "Runtime" refers to the time the application or program is running, until the process is suddenly stopped.

Related runtime errors include illegal function call, overflow errors, out-of-memory error, and deeper errors, such as "subscript out of range", "out of string space", and error 1706. These problems may prevent the overall system from working or functioning properly. The problem a runtime error indicates may range from minor to severe. Sometime, a runtime error may mean that the software program being run is buggy or contains a lot of bugs.

However, runtime errors are also an indication that the computer has contracted a virus, or that the computer has been invaded by a spyware or an adware. You should use a good anti-virus or anti-malware program to locate these pieces of malicious applications and remove them from your computer. Many runtime errors include a message that gives you some information about the error being experienced. However, since the space required for a detailed explanation is not enough, you may not know as much information as you would like.

You may see a short phrase or an error code listed in the runtime error message. You can look for these errors online to know more about them and find out what is really wrong with the computer as well as how you can solve the problem. You should pay close attention to what task was being performed at the time the runtime error occurred. This can give you a very good idea about what went wrong.

If you have an idea about which program or application caused the problem, search the Internet for patches to fix it. Reconfiguring settings can also help solve the problem. One of the most common sources of runtime errors is web scripts that were badly programmed. You may fix these errors in the advanced option of your web browser. Just set your browser not to show the errors that occur in a web page.

Runtime errors may also be caused by a poorly functioning Windows database. The Windows database contains information about the hardware, software, settings, preferences and user profiles installed. It may end up with pieces of adware and spyware in it, traces of old programs, as well as other unimportant information that can significantly reduce the performance and increase the risk of seeing a runtime error. To take care of this problem, you may search online, download, and install a good and reliable PC optimization and cleaning tool.

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