What is Runtime Error 339?

Runtime Error 339 is one of those that you may encounter in Windows. It is a runtime error that occurs when a certain .ocx file is missing while the user is trying to install an application or a program.

The Runtime Error 339 does not really show up when you are merely installing a software program; however, it occurs when you are trying to maneuver around the software program and try using its functions. Just like any other runtime error, this one usually occurs when a certain link in the process chain that causes the program to launch is missing, corrupted or interrupted. In the process of launching or loading a program, there are many data and system files required to ensure the integrity of any program launch. Using the rocket launch analogy, all parties must help each other and work together, from the fueling trucks, to the control tower, to the coordinators and even to the astronauts to make sure that the launch will go up without any hitch.

Runtime is the process that happens from one stage to the rest. It is the countdown to the launch that depends mainly on the process as well as on every member included in that process, performing their functions to the fullest. Imagine this – what if the fuel truck stood them up? Or what is any of the computer screen in the control tower failed to start? These are some of the several dynamic failures that may happen within the runtime or process, and whenever that happens, an error will surely occur and the program will not be able to launch. And because the computer has so much complications and complexities, there are many combinations of corrupt data and missing files that can result in a bad process chain. However, just as there are many possible causes, there are also many ways that you can help solve these errors. Here’s a simple guide to solve the runtime error 339:

  1. Look at the program you want to install and check the integrities of the different files needed.

  2. Check if the application or program needs specific control and system files (ActiveX, Java, etc.), which can be the main reason why the program refuses to launch.

  3. Check the Windows database, which records all of the hardware, software and user settings and preferences. Because of the installation of bad programs, orphan keys and null values are one of the major reasons why runtime errors occur. You can solve this problem by downloading and installing a reliable tool for PC optimization and cleaning. This will help ensure the integrity of the applications and programs as well as the command lines Windows uses as a reference to allow a smooth system launch.

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