Remove Spyware and Adware Infections

Spyware and adware can be irritating. They not only are a serious risk to your privacy and bank account, but also take up valuable space and resources on your PC.

If you think you are infected, you need to close all your applications. Then, disconnect your personal computer from the Internet by just removing the cable or phone line or any connector to the router or modem or by detaching the Ethernet cable directly.

From the Windows Control Panel, open the list of Add/Remove Programs. If you can see the unwanted adware or spyware program, highlight it and click "Remove." For Windows Vista, you may find the Add/Remove Programs in Programs and Features. After removing the unwanted programs, you need to reboot your computer even if you are not prompted to do so.

After rebooting, run a scan of full system. You should use an updated anti-virus scanner and an anti-spyware solution. If not, run it in Safe Mode. With safe mode, you may need to use BartPE Bootable CD to not permit spyware or adware to load. However, if you do not have an anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, then you should download them from authentic web sites online.

Of course, you want and you need to remove all the unwanted programs completely. These should not reintegrate themselves when the PC is reconnected to the Internet. Thus, prior to reconnection, reset your home pages and browser start. Make sure the host files are not hijacked and all undesirable web sites should be out of your Trusted Sites Zone. For further prevention of adware and spyware infection recurrences, always check which programs or software you installed. You should first research the programs you plan on installing. Always keep your system patched completely. And another reminder (which is actually a persistent reminder in every computer process), always make a disk image backup. You may do this using a bootable CD or a new partition in the computer system. Also, before doing any process with your computer, always read first about what you are going to do. Asking for the help or services of a skilled person is a good idea if you know you can not do it yourself. With this, other possible problems may be detected and be solved for better operation of your computer system.

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