What is a free Internet speed test?

Free Internet Speed Tests are a good way to check you’re getting the most from your Internet connection. They send several packets of information to your computer and see how long it takes them to arrive, then try and upload these packets of information again to see how long that takes. These two actions allow the Internet speed test to determine how quickly your computer can download or upload information.

What can I do if my connection speed is to slow according to a free Internet speed test?

The best place to start is removing toolbars, browser add-ons, or programs that run in the background and update constantly. These can all sap your available bandwidth, and leave you with a connection speed much slower than what you’re paying for. Also look for programs running major updates, like an anti-virus. If you’re not sure what to look for try optimizing your computer now.

What can I do if the free online Internet speed test showed my connection was fine, but my browsing still feels slow?

Copious browser add-ons or unnecessary programs running at startup can slow down your entire computer, making your browsing experience suffer. If the free Internet speed test you took online shows your connection speed is good, but your browser connection is still slow you should look into issues that slow your whole computer down. Run the SpeedyPC Pro system optimizer now to see what issues could be slowing down your computer.

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