How to Install ActiveX for Firefox?

ActiveX is technology used primarily by Internet Explorer to load or launch certain types of applications, such as music or video streaming devices, directly from the web page.

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To download a third-party ActiveX add-on for Firefox:

  1. Launch the Mozilla Firefox web browser. You can do this by double clicking on its icon found on the desktop or by clicking the "Start" menu and selecting the Firefox program from the "Programs" menu.
  2. Click the address bar found at the top of the Mozilla Firefox browser. Search for websites offering a download of ActiveX plug-ins for Mozilla Firefox. Scroll down through the search results and find one that matches the version of the Mozilla Firefox browser you are using.
  3. Click the download link for the version of the Mozilla Firefox browser you are using. A yellow tab will appear at the top of your web browser saying "Firefox prevented this site from asking you to install software on your computer."
  4. Install the add-on. Point your cursor to the yellow tab, a little bit far from its right side. Click the "Allow" button. A new window will appear asking you if you want to proceed with the installation of the add-on to Mozilla Firefox. Click the "Install Now" button found at the bottom part of the window.
  5. Wait for the download of the ActiveX add-on to be completed and then click the "Tools" button found at the top of the toolbar. A drop-down menu will appear. Select "Add-ons" from it and click the "Extensions" tab found on top of the new window that will appear. Look for the entry from the options list with the label "Mozilla Firefox ActiveX Plugin". Click the "Enable" button located at the right side of the entry.
  6. Close the Mozilla Firefox web browser and reopen it to complete the installation of the ActiveX add-on.

Additional Tips and Warnings:

Upon successful download and installation of the ActiveX add-on, you may now load any programs or any applications directly on your Mozilla Firefox web browser.

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