How to Install ActiveX for Facebook?

Facebook is one great social networking websites that allow you to meet your friends and be informed or keep track of what they are doing. Because of the sudden rise in the popularity of different social networking sites, Facebook has to go along the flow. This is why they have made different features and applications available for their users. These include games, music, quizzes, and a lot more! In order to make all the applications and features of Facebook available for users and to make sure all their programs are working properly, its developers use the ActiveX technology.

ActiveX technology is used only in the Internet Explorer application. However, this is only advisable if a person has enough knowledge on the installation of ActiveX controls for Facebook. The installation process is simple, but still, it is important to know if any of the applications or features you want to access requires ActiveX.

  1. Go to the "Tools" menu found in the menu bar just on top of the page. Click it. If you are using the Internet Explorer 6 application, the toolbar is likely located on top of the screen in the middle. However, if you are using the Internet Explorer 7 application, you will find the "Tools" menu on the right side of the screen, below the top most part of the screen.
  2. Clicking the "Tools" menu will open up a drop down menu where you can find the "Internet Options" option.
  3. Look for the "Security" tab. This is the second tab from the left side. Find the window that will open up the "Custom level" button which is located about two-thirds of the way down the window located in the center. Click the "Custom level" button.
  4. Find ActiveX controls and plug-ins on the Internet. Download the ActiveX controls and plug-ins that you need. A word of advice, download only those recommended ActiveX controls.
  5. Restart the Internet Explorer program and navigate back to the Facebook page that needs ActiveX controls. Now, you should be able to complete the installation of the ActiveX controls without any problem. A yellow bar will appear. Just click on it and choose "Allow" when you are prompted to do so.

Having ActiveX problems? Use this ActiveX test tool to fix your issues.

Additional Tips and Warnings:

You cannot use ActiveX control in Firefox or Safari programs. If you want to use these ActiveX controls on Facebook, you have to access Facebook from an Internet Explorer browser. Unless you have the knowledge to do the ActiveX controls installation, do not choose any ActiveX options listed as "Not Recommended". Doing so might increase the risk of your computer being infected with virus and malware.

After you have completed the installation of the needed ActiveX controls, you are now ready to enjoy Facebook to the fullest! Keep track of what your connections are doing, play games with them, share music, etc. All these are now possible since you already know how to install ActiveX controls on your Facebook account.

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