Increase Internet Connection Speed

In this generation of high technology, we need the help of the World Wide Web. However, due to its wide use and some problems, the speed of the Internet can decline. This is irritating to users especially if you are trying to do something important.

It is a good thing there are ways of increasing the speed of the Internet connection. The methods are just simple and easy to do.

First, you should be logged on as the actual "Administrator," and not with any other account. Secondly, click "Start" and press "Run". Then type in "gpedit.msc." However, this is not applicable for home versions. Thirdly, enlarge the Local Computer Policy branch and then the Administrative Templates branch, and lastly the Network branch. Now, you should see "QoS Packet Scheduler" in the left window. The QoS Packet Scheduler is actually a network bandwidth management method that can monitor the importance of data packets. Depending on the packet priority, it gives either higher or lower bandwidth levels or priority. So, the fourth step is to highlight the network. From the right window, open the setting of "limit reservable bandwidth" with a double click. Then, check the ENABLED box item from the setting tab. After this, change the item that says "Bandwidth limit %" to read zero (0). Click on apply. Finally, close gpedit.msc. You might have to restart your personal computer. The effect of this method vary depending on the system.

There is also another way to hasten the speed of your Internet connection. First, check which Internet connection you are paying for. Second, go to or and test your connection.

If you are not getting what you are paying for, try disabling web browser add-ons. These may cause the slowing down of your Internet connection speed. You can do this by going to "Tools," selecting "Manage Add-ons," and looking at which add-ons are enabled. Further, run anti-virus, malware, and spyware scans because these can actually affect your Internet connection speed negatively.

Aside from these, you should also run Disk Defragmenter and Disk Cleanup in your System Tools menu for better operations. Downloading TCP Optimizer software can help optimize your computers Maximum Transmission Unit values, Receive Window values, and broadband related registry keys. Lastly, retest your Internet connection speed with the web sites stated earlier and compare the results.

There are other variables which may affect the speed of the Internet connection so you must check these too. Cable speed might be affected by the number of Internet users or the quality of coaxial cable (coax) while DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) speeds may be affected by the quality of the phone line or distance. Thus, before doing 'technical experiments,' always check possible factors which may affect your Internet connection speed or your computer as a whole.

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