How to Fix the Windows Installer Error?

  1. To manually repair the error, first you must access the Msiexec.exe.
  2. Access the Registry Editor by placing the cursor on the Start menu and then click on "Run." In the open box, type in regedit. The editor will then be opened.
  3. Scroll down to the
  4. Click twice on "Imagepath." Confirm the Value Data. When there is another value in the field, you should modify it and then click "OK" to execute the adjustments.
  5. Type exit in the box of the Edit string. After that, close the window.
  6. Reboot your computer into safe mode by tapping the F8 key continuously at the system startup.
  7. Place the cursor on the Start menu, and then click on "Run." In the open box, key in C:WindowsSyswow64Msiexec /regserver and then click on "OK." After that, normally reboot your computer.

Just like all of the individual component portions of the Windows Operating System of your computer, handling the errors and the problems with Windows Installers is a two-way procedure.

The initial step is to determine precisely what the issues are and why or how these errors are taking place. Just like any other sub program of Windows, that is going to be way simpler and easier said than done.

Each of the single components of the Windows database that bring about your Windows system depends on the majority of other components found within the system to work properly. Hence, manually looking for each problem within your Windows database is not a realistic choice. Even though it is by no ways impossible to handle the problem in this means, it would consume a great amount of effort and time to do so. That is the effort and time that could possibly be spent far more efficiently doing something that is productive.

Therefore, the break down, failures and errors never takes place in isolation. As soon as the error starts to expose itself on a little corner of Windows, errors and problems start to appear all over the place. The reason for this is basically because the initial error caused them to.

Once you have accomplished all these steps, the Windows Installer error should be resolved. If you are not that familiar with the editing the Windows database, it is greatly recommended that you make use of an error fixer and optimization tool to repair the problem for you. A correct error fixer can repair the installer error for you simply with several clicks. Your computer will then have reduced blue screens, crashes and error messages.

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