How to Fix Runtime Error 91?

Runtime errors are very typical within the Windows operating system. There are a lot of recognized errors affecting Windows users all around the world.

What is Runtime Error 91?

This error usually comes about when there is a lost file. This PC error does not show when you are setting up the software application, but instead when you are running it. This runtime error typically occurs when a link in the set of procedures to run an application is obscured by corrupted or lost files. There are a lot of system and data files needed to ensure the integrity of the running application. For example, when one boots up a game, Windows requires certain documents for the game shell to run. These files, which are launched in a sequence, run in a particular manner. When this runtime error occurs, its is usually because of a lost file, static file or corrupted file name.

How to fix Runtime Error 91?

To fix this error it is important to find out what is causing it. Once you now that you can look for a possible solution, such as a patch from the program developers. They should have step by step directions for you to follow. In the case that a patch is not available, another option is to acquire a good computer Windows database cleaner. This by far the fastest, most effective and safest means to get rid of the error. Runtime Error 91 could be an issue with the integrity of the database. The Windows database cleaner will be able to repair these errors simply and easily within a few minutes. Therefore, it is nothing to worry about as it is not that hard to troubleshoot or fix it.

Other possible fixes:

  1. Most of the time, the error message is pertaining to a lost or unregistered file. Attempt to know which one by scanning through the line number when the error is displayed.
  2. Re-install the program. As long as the program installs automatically, with all the essential files, it should function.
  3. Most of the time a program requires the ability encrypt to its directory. If this is the situation, and a security policy denies that privilege, then this error may happen. Providing the user with the 'modify' access to the program directory may fix the program.

Though there might be a lot of causes for this type of runtime error, bear in mind that you are viewing something which is most of the time created by virus problems. Take enough time to avoid further circumstances of a viral infection by securing yourself with a firewall, and be sure that you launch virus scans daily and frequently.

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