How to Fix Runtime Error 75?

Runtime errors usually affect old and new Windows systems similarly. For Windows 95, the Open for Binary command will not work if the control is configured to share level access. When this happens, you usually are provided with the error code: Runtime error 75: Path/File access error. This particular error is just one of several that pop up from time to time.

What are the causes of Runtime Error 75?

This specific runtime error is one you will only experience on a PC running Windows 95. To resolve this error, I suggest that you make use one of the following techniques:

  1. At the shared resource, change the access permission from read-only to full control.
  2. When Windows 95 is already running in a Windows NT domain, change to user-level access.
  3. Utilize Win32 API calls to open the read-only shared resource.

The Runtime Error 75 in Microsoft Excel

In unusual situations, Runtime Error 75 be a problem on other Windows systems. For instance, recent versions that come with Excel 2000 Standard Edition have been recognized to produce this error. When a Visual Basic for Applications macros attempts to utilize the Name statement, you see an error message that says Runtime Error 75: Path/File access error. This error typically happens for two reasons. The first one is the user attempts to change the name of a directory with the Name statement. The second reason is that a file in the directory the user is attempting to modify is configured equal to the variable with the "Dir" function.

It does not state what program you are running so it quite restricts the troubleshooting. What is the downloaded software?

I would attempt to clean boot the computer system to find out if the issue clears up.

Here are the steps for a clean boot

If you are asked for confirmation or an administrator password, enter your password, or click on Continue.

When you are notified, click on the start menu, then click on shutdown then click on "Restart" and then continue.

When the desktop is loaded, try again and find out if you are still getting the error.

How to configure your PC to start up normally:

If you are asked for confirmation or for an administrator password, enter the password, or click on Continue.

Click on the General tab

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