How to Fix Runtime Error 13?

There are a lot of causes for the appearance of different errors on your computer. If your PC has displayed a Runtime Error 13 recently, do not worry yourself. It turns out that the big portion of computer problems can easily be corrected even if you are not a PC professional.

It is of great relevance that you, as the user, recognize and identify the cause of these problems. In a lot of situations, it is a problem associated with your Windows database. This is basically the spot where Windows traces all of your activity. It keeps a database of the hardware and software you have included, even the links to the files that run these programs. Most of the time, a corrupted database, or fragmented link can be causing the Runtime Error 13 and many other hassles, which can involve everything from PC freezes and slowdowns to computer startup issues.

Some other reasons for runtime errors include wrong software installations or uninstallations and incompatibilities which can happen when you have many software applications on your PC, infections with spyware and viruses, and a whole lot more. These can all be the causes of damaged or missing links in your Windows database.

There are a lot of ways to fix these issues. The basic trouble lies in attempting to find out which program or programs, or which certain corrupted database section or sections may be the cause of the problem. If you are in that place, and you are not that familiar with PCs, you have two options, you can either setup a specialized database repair program or contact a PC technician.

A Windows database cleaner and optimization program is a utility that scans automatically your computer and exposes a variety of PC errors that usually appear. This helpful and useful utility goes beyond just looking for these indiscretions; it fixes them automatically and improves the accuracy and effectiveness of your computer. So, every time you encounter a Runtime Error 13, a dependable solution is to set up one of these expert utilities. A lot of them provide free scanning. You should consider taking this chance to stop these irritating troubles in just a few moments.


  1. The logical approach to fix runtime problems is to find the file or files that are the causes of the errors. Was it a Word file or an Excel file? Check with the manufacturer of the program for a patch or a fix. If the error happened in an Excel spreadsheet go to Microsoft's Help & Support link and look for the "hotfix."
  2. Attempt to uninstall and reinstall the specific program by going to the Control Panel, then click "Add/Remove Programs."
  3. Look for a good Windows database cleaner tool to remove the corrupted files/keys, and then launch your anti-virus application to do a complete sweep of your PC.

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