How to Fix Runtime Error 1004?

Run time errors are a frequent annoyance for Windows users. These errors are particular to various Microsoft Office programs, including Microsoft Excel. The error that Excel users usually encounter is the Runtime Error 1004. This is a catch all error code which attempts to define errors that are essentially indefinable. Because of this, this type of error could actually point to a wide variety of problems. In this article, you will learn two of the common reasons for encountering Runtime Error 1004 and provide some tips to help resolve the problems.

Symptoms of Runtime Error 1004

All runtime errors frequently give the user particular symptoms indicating that there's a problem. This error usually occurs when starting to open an Excel file or trying to access the Excel Desktop icon. You now see a Runtime Error 1004 message that says: "Method in Key up Object Program APPLICATION Failed." Some other details will inform you that the program is unable to load your resource library, suggesting that you must exit the application, installing the resource library again and restarting the program.

You can actually troubleshoot your Excel problems and error 1004 within the Windows system. To do it, follow the steps below:

  1. Point your mouse to the Windows Start button and right-click
  2. In the menu tab, choose Explorer
  3. Once you get to Explorer, open the directory of C:\Program Files\MSOffice\Office\XLSTART
  4. Once you open the directory, delete the File named GWXL97.XLA
  5. Close the Explorer
  6. Open Excel
  7. After you open Excel, the program must start and enable you to work without the errors

Related Runtime Errors in Worksheets

You can also experience Runtime Error 1004 when doing some work with macros. We know that in Excel, we could run macros that duplicate or copies worksheets and put them in the workbook from which they were originally located. Doing so can result in a Error 1004. A message will pop up that reads: "object-defined error or application-defined" or "method of copying the worksheet failed." This usually occurs when you give your workbook a name and copy it many times without storing and closing the workbook. To solve this problem, save first before you close your workbook periodically during the process of copying. Remember that the number of times a particular worksheet can be duplicated or copied before saving all will depend on its size.

Working Around Runtime Error 1004

To solve runtime errors, you may insert a new worksheet file into a template rather than duplicating or copying an existing worksheet. Follow the steps below to solve Runtime Error 1004 for Microsoft Excel 2007:

  1. Make a new workbook and delete any other worksheets.
  2. Format your workbook and put any charts or texts that need to be placed into the template.
  3. Put a name for the file, making sure to choose the template format "(xltx)".
  4. Place the template making use of this code: SheetsAddTyp:=path\filename
  5. Take note, the \filename path will contain the file name and full path for the template you're working on.

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