How to Fix Adobe Flash Player that is Not Working

The Adobe Flash Player is third-party program that enables you to play animation and movies that developers place on their respective websites. Because many Internet users make use of the Flash Player, trouble with the setup can affect the Web browsing experience. There are a lot of ways to repair the problems. You can try all of the recommendations below to repair any issues you might be encountering.

  1. Computer Configurations
  2. The simplest and easiest thing to double check first is your computer configurations. Have you installed or enabled a pop-up blocker that will aim at the Flash Player? Be sure that any third-party firewalls will still allow you to use the Flash Player. Is the issue only with a single Web page and can you still see other websites that make use of the Flash Player? If yes, it is possible that a problem is in the website itself and/or is a developer issue. Is the Flash player freezing or crashing? If yes, it is most likely a memory matter. Be sure that you do not have several tabs open that might be running the software.

  3. Security Matters
  4. Your computer requires a security program, but if your configurations are too great, you might be hindering the Flash Player. Your configurations should be set to medium. Most of the time, the default will permit the Flash Player to download. If you adjusted your security configurations yourself, be sure that Plug-ins, Run ActiveX controls, and Download Signed ActiveX controls are configured to prompt.

  5. Windows Vista
  6. Some Windows Vista users say that they have a Flash Player installed but they still cannot see the contents or are still having error messages. You can upgrade to the recent Flash Player by going to C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\FlashUtil9d.exe. After that, right click on the file and select "Run as Administrator" and follow the directions.

  7. Uninstall and Reinstall
  8. The standard repair for the majority of Adobe Flash Player issues is to uninstall and reinstall the program. In order to entirely get rid of the Flash Player from your computer system, you need to use the Flash Player uninstaller. This can be done by going to the Adobe website and download the program for your respective operating system. After you have downloaded, saved the file, close all of the open applications and launch the uninstaller.

    The moment the Flash Player is removed from your system, go back to the Adobe website and download the latest version from the Downloading Center.

    If you are having problems setting up the ActiveX Control, go to Adobe and set up the Flash Player ActiveX zip file. You will then open the zip file on your personal computer and launch it.

  9. Permissions
  10. If you are still getting an error message during the installation process, you might have a permission issue. You can repair this by going to the Microsoft website and downloading the SubLnACL to repair the permission issues.

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