What is a computer speed test?

Computer speed tests can help determine any trouble spots on your computer, and identify areas that could be improved. These tests can look at areas of your computer such as the registry, installed programs, startup entries, scheduled tasks, and more. After identifying the issues different computer speed tests will give you options for how to proceed.

How can I make my computer faster if a computer speed test shows it is slow?

If you are comfortable interpreting the results of the speed test, tools such as msconfig or the Task Scheduler can help resolve common issues. If you are not familiar with these tools or if the results seem unclear it is best to use an automated program like the SpeedyPC Pro system optimizer to safely identify and fix the problem.

The speed test shows my computer is fine but I am still encountering an issue.

Many computer issues can be located in restricted areas of the registry, or in protected folders on your computer that cannot be accessed by an online speed test. In this case downloading diagnostic programs that can scan troubled areas of your computer in more detail may be the best bet. System optimization software to help with persistent errors can be found here.

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