What is the ActiveX Installer?

ActiveX is the standard used by Microsoft for reusable controls. First known as OCX controls, ActiveX controls are considered as third-party controls that are possibly included directly in different computer scenarios. ActiveX controls may be installed in web browsers, particularly Internet Explorer Web browser. Browsers use them to their fullest in any applications launched directly from a web page.

For example, if you need a calendar, you may use the ActiveX control of Microsoft's calendar. If you need a clock, you may download and install an ActiveX control for clock from the web. If you need to use a spreadsheet, you may purchase a library that contains the spreadsheet that you need. However, you need an ActiveX installer to make these things possible. The main window of the ActiveX installer allows you to install an ActiveX control and create different scenarios to use and present it.

When you have an ActiveX installer, the top of its dialog box shows the lists of all the ActiveX controls present in the Windows database. Just choose the one you want to install; however, if the control you desire to install is not included in the list, it must be automatically installed in the Windows environment. The easiest way to do this is to utilize an ActiveX Control Tester used in the Microsoft development environment. You may find additional information in the Microsoft documentation. The following ActiveX installer options may be used:

Having ActiveX problems?
Use this ActiveX test tool to fix your issues.

Add a scenario or add a scenario class or a UI agent

ActiveX installers come in two modes of installation:

After choosing the ActiveX control and specifying where and how to install the ActiveX control, you may now click on the "Install" button. The ActiveX installer will the automatically create the entries you specified as well as signal the completion of the entries with a message. You can now use your created scenario for other like scenarios; therefore, you have the ActiveX control at your fingertips without the traditional complications and complexities.


The ActiveX installer proposes to convert the types you selected in the check boxes automatically. Deselecting these options allows you to change or modify the mapping of these types.

Force use of Invoke

When you check this option, the methods are called upon through the ActiveX interfaces, instead of through the virtual method tables. However, if this option is unmarked or unchecked, the virtual method calls are utilized. You need this operation when installing ActiveX controls that should function in the scenarios via the Internet.

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